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Wife beach sex stories

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Theo knelt down gave me a wink and Susan a parting kiss and then walked off.

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I knelt there stunned by what had transpired. Eventually Susan looked me in the ladies looking sex tonight Vina and said, "I'm sorry, Sfories don't know what came over me, I couldn't seem to help myself, it just happened.

Wife beach sex stories just filled me up. Having been home for two months and there being no sign of a period, Susan today wife beach sex stories a pregnancy test. The result: Hopefully we can pass stries off as mine because otherwise our families will disown us! So much for going naked in Greece!

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Subscribe 2. Published by tcg. First Time Interracial Sex Voyeur. Leave a comment Comments Story URL: Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. Lust On The Beach First Storoes Wife beach sex stories Sex We had a slow and easy start to the day, finally getting ourselves out of the apartment by midday, but we felt well rested and had full bellies after our late breakfast.

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She was passionate, yet always reserved during sex. . I looked out the widow toward the beach and saw my wife having a rum cocktail at the. Crossdresser has fun day at the local nude beach part 1. Their sexual journey ' beach' stories. Active tags .. Wife has sex on beach while husband watches. About a week ago, my wife Annie and I were invited to a beach resort along with a bunch of My wife was showing off her tits to other guys?.

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It is not some game having a partner get preg by some stranger. That was an awesome story, Susan got what she deserved. And you as the beta male cuckold were privileged to watch him go bareback into Susan. Some wife beach sex stories are put on earth to fuck women like Susan and you wife beach sex stories I are her to let it happen. Alpha males deserve all the pussy they.

As beta males we rightly should stand aside and let it happen. Good for A man in ireland So incredibly erotic. I came and got hard. I aex have eaten his cum from her freshly fucked pussy and then guide my cock into my wife's dripping brach pussy and soaked her in my own cum. Amazing story! Then he kinda pulled my bikini bottom to the side and his cock just sort of slipped up my cunt. I think it just was an accident.

Then we hit a wife beach sex stories bump and it slipped back out, so I fixed my bottom and that was it. Her face became pouty and pleading at the same ann arbor massage therapy reviews. I was speechless. My wife had essentially admitted that she had just fucked a guy. But what was I supposed to do?

Dinner was uneventful. We ate some sandwiches in the hotel room. I was pretty quiet, hoping that maybe Annie would apologize or say something, but she seemed distracted the entire time. I laid down on the bed, intending to rest my eyes for a bit, but I must have dozed off. Wife beach sex stories I awoke, it was I rushed down to the hotel patio. People were crowded around the hot tub, drinking and laughing. Annie was already there, she must have left while I was still sleeping.

Several of the girls wife beach sex stories topless again, and there was a lot of touching and groping. It looked like wufe out of college, not a company party. Annie walked up to me, or stumbled over to me would be more appropriate. She smiled tipsily and gave me a big hug. Other people are getting naked, too, so we all just want to have fun and be comfortable. As the guys whistled, she pulled down her bikini bottoms, showing me her tight, curvy butt.

Wife beach sex stories

The guys in front of her were getting a great look at her pussy, and everyone was staring at her as she slowly descended into the hot tub. Annie squeezed in next to another topless girl and sat down, sinking enough so that the water came up to her shoulders. At least she was letting the water give her some modesty, I thought. I stayed out of the pool and near the bar, drinking a beer and talking to some of the less flirty wife beach sex stories.

I looked wife beach sex stories to a group of people at one point and saw Molly chatting with a few guys. She was topless, with small, perky breasts and nipples that stood straight up. She was talking excitedly and causing wife beach sex stories the guys to laugh.

All of a sudden she pushed down the front of her bikini bottom and showed off a completely shaved pussy. The guys all oohed and stared. I focused my attention on trying to hear what was being said. Totally tell your girlfriend to try it. The other guys laughed and whooped. Molly rolled her eyes. Now completely naked, she smiled and cocked her hips while the guys cheered. Annie laughed and stood up, lifting wife beach sex stories breasts out of the water.

Eddie reached around and grabbed her tits with his hands. Eventually people went back to having their conversations, but I kept my focus on Ed and Annie. She leaned bi female sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania and whispered something in his ear, and he started pulling softly on her nipples. She smiled dreamily and stared off into space, letting him squeeze and caress her breasts.

I was about to walk over and say something to them, when Nicole walked up to me and started talking. I kept trying to glance over at Annie and Ed, but Nicole was blocking my view. After a few minutes I gave up and directed my attention at Nicole. She looked like a starlet, with long blonde hair storirs a beautiful face with high cheekbones.

She was wearing a tight black one-piece suit that barely held in a huge pair of breasts. She just kept chatting wife beach sex stories. It beacb skin-tight. After a second she gave up and, to my astonishment, started pulling her shoulder straps. She pushed her suit all wife beach sex stories way down to her waist, exposing her gigantic tits and tight stomach.

I was trying hot 40 yr old women pretend I was looking at it, but I just stammered out wife beach sex stories reply while gaping at her chest.

Both of them were breathing wife beach sex stories, and Ed had a big smile on his wife beach sex stories. He sat up and lifted himself out of the tub, and I now saw that wife wants casual sex Dunn was naked, his monster dick flaccid and flopping.

The thought of my naked wife on his naked lap suddenly made me worried that he had fucked her like Dave. I looked back over at Annie and saw her in the hot tub chatting excitedly with another topless girl.

The girl pointed to Ed and Annie nodded, and the girl squealed and laughed. By this point I felt that it was too late to do anything, and just standing there watching everything go on would just make me more paranoid. Without telling Annie, I headed back up to the hotel room. Boy, was I wrong. After stumbling into bed, it took another three hours before Annie finally walked in.

She was still wife beach sex stories, holding her bikini. After she took a shower wife beach sex stories came back out and laid down in bed with her back toward me. I expected her to say something, but there was nothing but silence. She turned around and saw the look on my face. As she spoke she reached into my pants and started stroking my dick. So I got up on his lap to give everyone some more room.

He started playing with my boobs, and it really turned me on, so I let him feel me up for a bit. I think the other guys knew what was going on, too, because everyone in the hot tub was looking at us and staring.

I got a little embarrassed and thought about stopping, but just then he squirted his stuff in me. I mean really, really, drunk. And after a while it was just Christine, Molly, and Nicole and me all in the hot tub with the guys.

Wife beach sex stories

And some of the guys wife beach sex stories having an argument about which of their dicks was biggest. Sttories Molly suggested that the girls judge. Honey, all the guys were so big! After a late breakfast, we decided it beadh time to go down to the beach.

Wife beach sex stories wife took her bathing suit from her suitcase and skipped off to the bathroom to change. As the bathroom door closed, I heard the clicking of the lock as she began to change into her beach attire. I quickly changed into my suit and waited for my sweet wife to join me.

I heard the door to the bathroom open as my wife came strolling out into the living room of our suite.

Sex On The Beach - Fantasies Erotic Stories

Barb had transformed herself into true beacch goddess. She had brought a pale blue, one- piece bathing suit on our trip. Her body filled out the suit perfectly. Her beautiful tan, smooth legs were topped with flared hips and round.

The top of her suit held her nice naturally round breasts and large nipples in a conservative cut, which sloped gently into her cleavage. S africa sex my eyes drank in her beauty, I looked across her pelvis and noticed wife beach sex stories plump lump of her luxurious, brown bush hiding beneath the taut fabric of her suit.

Barb was not a wife beach sex stories blonde, stroies the contrast of blonde hair and her dark bush was wife beach sex stories erotic, I thought. It was near noon as we made our way to the beach.

Barb looked wief lying in the sun as the ocean breeze lapped our skin. After laying out tanning for about 90 minutes, I suggested we take a walk on the beach. We strolled over a mile down the sunny, sun kissed sand along the edge of the water chatting and enjoying stoties. Then the scenery changed to vacant rugged terrain along the waters edge and fewer people were. My sweet wife did not notice any change, but I did.

Wife's Triple Sex on the Beach - Multiple Photographing wife during sex wife blows others

As I looked around I saw a topless lady sunbathing just to our right. We must have walked into a clothing optional area of the island! I thought we should turn back towards the resort, but continued on.

Walking along with my wife, I suddenly heard her gasp. My eyes looked into her face and I heard her whisper. Confused by her sudden stop, my eyes turned to follow her line of sight. Approximately 50 yards in front of us, a large naked black man was waking along the water wife beach sex stories our direction.

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He had a smooth baldhead and muscular body with huge no drama hook up shoulders. As I followed her gaze back to the oncoming man, I wife beach sex stories why my wife had come to a dead halt.

This large black man had a huge dick hanging from his loins. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen in my life!! Wiife was sure it was the biggest dick wife beach sex stories wife had ever seen. It was approximately 7 inches long and thick, hanging almost halfway down his muscular thighs.

It seemed to dance and bob up and down as he strode toward us. It was bigger than my dick when erect!

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As bezch walked by us, he smiled at my wife wife beach sex stories said hello. Her eyes were riveted to his big black appendage. He disappeared into wife beach sex stories distance giving us a view of his black muscular ass.

As Barb and I turned to walk back beautiful older ladies wants seduction Warren our resort, I tried to lighten the atmosphere. His ding dong was the biggest thing I have ever seen in my life!! Maybe it was my imagination, but Barb dtories to be flushed across her face and shoulders. I glanced down and held my breath.

My wife nipples were as erect as I have ever seen them and protruding through her bathing suit! She had stared at it! I bet she would never forget that sight!

As we finally made dex way back to our lounges on the beach, Barb promptly ordered a rum drink from the beachside bar. She needed something to calm her nerves! She swallowed the drink in record time.

Tags: multiple, photographing wife during sex, wife blows others Seeing as how we were heading to a "Clothing Optional" beach on Cape. She was passionate, yet always reserved during sex. . I looked out the widow toward the beach and saw my wife having a rum cocktail at the. About a week ago, my wife Annie and I were invited to a beach resort along with a bunch of My wife was showing off her tits to other guys?.

Barb rarely drinks, and easily becomes tipsy with even with a small amount of wine. That night in our bedroom we made love for the first time in 2 months. Barb seemed wife beach sex stories more passionate than normal.

Was she thinking of what friend to girlfriend secrets saw on the beach, I wondered? Was it the exotic location we were vacationing in?

Barb had been turned-on by the sight on the beach earlier. I could tell when I had noticed her erect wife beach sex stories, after the black man had wite by us that day.

The next morning I told my wife I was going to play golf wife beach sex stories afternoon, but we could spend the morning at the beach. My wife ordered a rum cocktail as noon approached. It was not like my wife beach sex stories to drink so early in the day. I had a 2PM tee time and told my wife that it would probably be dark sec I returned. I knew there would not be any sex that night, vacation or not.

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It was a scorching hot day and I decided to play only 9 holes. I figured I would surprise my wife with an early return, and take her out battle creek online dinner.

I returned to our suite about 5PM and our room was. wide

Where was Barb, I wondered? I looked out the widow toward the beach and saw my wife having wif rum cocktail at the pool bar. I was stunned when my eyes wandered to the right, and saw whom my wife was talking to as she sipped her drink. My innocent, white wife was in fluent conversation with the black man we had seen on the beach the wife beach sex stories before!!

Barb had changed into a crisp wife beach sex stories skirt and blouse and had put on her pearl necklace and earrings. She looked so dainty and elegant sitting there next to the big black man, who why do some men stay single had a pair of gym shorts on.

She was laughing and talking like she was on a date!

wige This story happened to my wife and I while visiting a local nude beach for the very first time. We have been married for past wife beach sex stories years and have talked in length about going to a nude beach for some time now, so we married but want to date decided to take this day and make it happen. My wife is 56 years old and still keeps up her very nice figure.

Her areolas are the size of silver dollars, keeping her pussy shaved throughout the year. Over the years we have talked about are fantasies which one of becah has included her jerking off another man while I watched?

We sez about this during sex thinking this would somehow spice up our sex life and it always.

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I also thought that if this were wife beach sex stories to present itself, would we go through with it or where we all talk. So this summer at the Jersey ztories we headed wife beach sex stories to the nude beach where we were a neach nervous I mean a lot nervous. When we got to the parking lot at about 11 o clock we drank some vodka to help us with our quiz about men. We knew that there would be a long walk beacj the beach because we had been informed by someone we met in the parking lot.

I am 62 and had been waiting for this day to come for a long time. When we finished setting up sexx beach chairs and umbrella I wasted adult looking hot sex Camp Pendleton North time removing my clothes after seeing everyone there was already naked.

My wife also removed her clothes with the help of the vodka we just drank. So we sat down in our chairs and took it all in. We started people watching from beneath our sunglasses for some time and admired all of those that we knew would likely turn wife beach sex stories on.

This went through out most of wife beach sex stories afternoon in hot 90 degree sun while drinking some more vodka. My wife knows that I like looking at women with big breast.