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We All Need a Little Adventure | Military Veteran Dad

In the interview below, Julia explains how her love for small rodents became a social media hit. Completed literature studies, currently looking for doctoral positions.

However, videos of guinea pigs are few and far. Where does your love for rodents come from? How did you come up with the idea to post videos of your furry friends?

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As a child, I was always enthusiastic about guinea pigs. What fascinated me most was the fact that they each have their own unique personality, and they show it off very openly.

Plastic Light Factory - Little Adventures lyrics | Jamendo Music | Free music downloads

Initially, I only wanted to share videos with my mother. I started making my own info videos hoping that others would see how tame, friendly, and open-minded the animals gay pullman wa be especially in larger groups. Therefore, I always focused on scheduled upload days and enjoying the hobby.

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You are ljttle active on YouTube and Instagram, as you regularly share photos and videos of your guinea pigs. How did you guide rodent fans to your profiles?

I never really advertised my videos, and I never expected the channel to have so many followers. Over time, I realized that many other people were liking kooking videos. Some appreciate the explanatory videos because they want to learn more about guinea pigs, while others just enjoy watching the animals live their lives.

Who is looking for a little adventu have always stuck to a adevntu upload schedule, even when I had less than 10 subscribers. This helps me develop a routine, and it also allows my followers to anticipate when a new video is coming. I also engage my followers by asking about any topics or content they want to see. Thank you guys so much find Nags headsubs on YouTube??

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A post shared by little. Do the four really have their own individual fanbase? Every guinea pig is different, so people have their favorites.

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Overall, my guinea pigs are not afraid of the camera and like showing their personality. I commissioned a graphic artist to draw the guinea pigs as cartoon characters.

Little Adventures Srilanka

Unfortunately, I have absolutely zero drawing talent. I spend about two hours a week. Do you think addventu guinea pig designs are a market niche? Do you ever get special design requests from your fans, and do you fulfill those wishes?

I hope people like my designs and are happy when they wear. Generally, the designs showcase my guinea pigs and are based on my channel. Vlog will be up later tonight as the piggies were busy filming?

How intensive is the communication and interaction with your fans? I try to respond to as many comments as possible.

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Usually, I try to be online right after I upload a video so I can answer any immediate questions. Most of the comments or questions tend to concern the specific video or the everyday life of the guinea pigs.

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However, when it comes to topics like diseases, I stay away since I have no veterinary training. Inspire yourself with the project and work on it regularly.

Most importantly, stick with it, even during those dry spells. First and foremost, I hope that the pigs will be healthy and lively for a long time.

Message required. I agree.

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