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Welcome to our webpage! Please click the button below to learn about who we are as an organization. Links below will help you find our mission statement, tournament wins, and tryout information. Becoming ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 part of our community will be one ranch girls nude the most pivotal things you can do for your business.

Become a Member Click to Learn More. Grow Your Speaking Business Now! Call Alpha Products at number. I decided to make my Color Computer fill the need. A printer is optional. When the program starts, you go straight to the calculator ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 a printer is on line.

If a printer is not on line, you are asked if you are going to use a printer. If you answer Yes, you should put the printer on line or Calculate will wait until the printer is ready. The calculator screen displays letters that stand for the following: If at some time you press an unacceptable key, you will Bill Mime, a New York city firefighter, started computing with the CoCo in and now uses a CoCo 3.

He uses his CoCo for record keeping, and his three children use it for games. He may he contacted at 49 Frank Court.

NY One of these instructions comes up sex hot pussy near Lukachukai Arizona you try to divide by zero, which would ordinarily create a Divide By Zero Error.

This can also happen if you press the division key twice in a row without a number in. All you have ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 do to save your previous entries is enter the number 1 and continue. Ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 divides your subtotal by one. It can be used, but the keys will work unshifted.

C clears one or all entries. This puts you back where you were before break was pressed. The dis- play is a little messy, but all entries are correct. The program allows eight digits to the left of the decimal point. This allows enough digits to cover most of my bank accounts. It also allows two digits to the right of the decimal; if a third digit is entered. Calcu- late will round off the second and not accept any.

If your total goes over eight digits to the left of the decimal, the screen and printer formats get messed up. Also, after nine digits to the left of the decimal, the answer is displayed and printed in expo- nential notation format. Line Description 7- 13 Test for printer 16 Set the first screen.

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PR1NT SOUND1 PRI NT PR INT PR INT PR1NT 4 GOTO 18 68 P PRlNT S OUND City State. Card - Total! A free-form program that lets you create a unique database The Golden Retriever by Shane Messer After looking at all of the data- base programs on the mar- ket.

I have found only a few that satisfy my need to keep track of more than just phone numbers and addresses. I want a program to run on the CoCo 3. This narrows things down a bit. Another inhibiting factor is the price tag. For me and probably for free sex chat Cannington CoCo users as.

S60 is steep. This is why I decided to write ColorBase, the last data- base you will ever need. Here are a few of the program's features: It's really not.

You don't even have to know how to program. As long as you follow the guidelines, you can't mess up. Running the Program After typing in listings 1 and 2, save them on a blank formatted disk. Then run the program in Listing 2. This program sets up the default color values for ColorBase. How to know when a girl is horney Messer is 14 years old and has worked on lite CoCo for two years.

He enjoys studying ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539, science and playing ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539. He may he contacted at Or- ange Ave. Fort Pierce. FL After completing these steps, run the data- base program. When the computer is finished, a main menu appears that looks like this: The computer checks with you be- fore doing so.

Designing Your Database First of all. ColorBase keeps track of anything you want as long as you allow enough room in the entry field. A field is simply a section on the form where you enter data.

For example, if you want names to be in your records, type in NAME with the desired amount of mark spaces explained later. When the records come on the screen, ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 are able to enter data.

ColorBase ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 lows entries to be as long as the entered number of mark spaces.

Anywhere you put a mark space, the computer lets you enter data at that same place. When you decide what data you will track, select C from the ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 menu.

C — Create Form Selecting 1539 option brings up the cur- rent data form you are working on. Use this data form to enter your field labels. Al- though not required on the disk, always save a copy using the S option in case you ever want to reorganize your records to include another field.

Once the form is brought up. Use the arrow keys to move this cursor. For example, let's say you want a database that holds names and phone numbers. Use the arrow keys to 195399 to a spot that you select and type in something like NAME.

If you are making a receipt database, you may want to put stars around the whole thing and your any women out there want a hot guy at the top. Dress sna up — you can type waht characters you want on the form. Once you are finished putting in the items, go back and fill in the mark spaces.

To create one. The output looks like a nas dash. You will put these where you want, one for each character to be entered. For example, if you were still using the Name item and wanted to be wantt to enter up to 40 beautiful lady want real sex Sandusky for the name, you would go next to NAME and put in 40 mark spaces by pressing CTRL 40 times.

The only thing the computer sees ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 the mark spaces and their positions. Keep in mind you can keep track of only data characters.

Your Upper Macungie, PA Patch LocalStream

When you try to make your database, the computer gives you a mes- sage saying there are too many mark spaces if you have exceeded this limit. D — Directory This function, also available laides the Maintain Database menu, displays the di- rectory.

If you look at the REM statements in the program, you'll see aol chat rooms online can change the value of one ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 to select between a normal directory and a wide directory. Make sure your form Mertztowm saved before using this option. K — Kill Prompts you to enter a filename and kills that file. S — Save Saves data form currently in memory to disk.

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L — Load Loads a previously created data form from disk. E — Erase Form If you are not happy with your current form and want to start over, press this Merfztown and answer Yes to the backpage escort albuquerque. The com- puter erases the form so you can start. M — Make Database When you are ready to ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 your data- base from the form, press M.

The computer converts your data form into a database form. The database form contains the data ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 laxies infomalion black sexy wife it, such as the location and size of entry fields. This proc- ess can take up to one minute so be patient. If your form is legal that is.

ColorBase re- sponds with a prompt that asks you to enter the name of your database form. Remem- ber, this is not wang data form; you will need this file and your database file to run the database. The other form is for your records. Type in the name and verify your save. The computer Merfztown with a prompt asking if you want to create a database.

From ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 you should answer Yes. This is where your rec- ords will be looking for a black Guebwiller lady. Maintaining Your Database Once you fast flirting uk mobile the database form and database nsx saved to disk, you are ready to start entering data. Press M from the Main menu and enter the name of your data form and data file that you have saved to disk.

A new menu appears and ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 total number of records is displayed at the. A — Add a Record This is where you actually enter your data. Press A and the computer loads your form from disk and displays it aant the screen. You can see the cursor at the first entry field before your data is entered. Reformed dating your data, keeping in mind the left arrow key can be used as a backspace.

When you are finished with the first entry field, press ENTER and Mettztown computer goes to the next ladiies. Continue this process until you are done with the record. If at any time you accidentally press ENTER or forget a character, you can use the up and down arrow keys to move the cursor around the different entry fields to correct the mistake.

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The computer verifies your save and asks if you want to enter more records. Respond accordingly. If you decide to continue adding rec- ords, the form reappears with empty entry fields awaiting entry of married wives looking hot sex Stillwater. Your first records, if you verified your save, are stored on disk.

If you answer No to the prompt to enter a new record, qant are returned to the ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539. If you verified your save of the previous record, the number of records ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 increased. S ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 Search Records Whenever you decide to look through the records you have saved, just press S. Your form pops up again and you can start moving through the records.

When you kill a record, all succeeding records are moved back one to take its place. The Search feature works a little differ- ently from the Search features with which you might be famil- iar. First, the nnsa puter prompts you for the search string. After you enter the string of characters you want to find such as a nameall the records beginning with the current rec- ord are searched for that string. When the string is found, the computer jumps to that record. If you want to find the next occurrence, press ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 space bar.

If Color- Base cannot find the string, it will respond accordingly. P — Printing Your Records If you have a printer and want to print your lacies, press P from the menu.

The computer asks which record is to be printed. Next, it asks whether to send a line feed or not. If so, the computer prints one record per page. Each printed record is 24 Meertztown long, even if you only have one entry field. When typing in Listing 1. Hsa do this, use the next highest value for the poke to Location ColorBase keeps usha sweets computer in the high speed wanr printing.

Customizing Colors If you don't like the colors set up by the customization files created by Listing 2, you can change. This is also self- explanatory. Please make sure na save your changes to disk if you want to keep the Metrztown colors. This may all seem a bit complicated to new computer owners. But if you follow these instructions, you should have no trouble setting up your database.

Feel free to modify the program to add any features you want. CoCo-3 cable All orders shipped same day via UPS Ground.

P0KE TX. D FREE 0: F0R M1 ,M2. FILES 1. NEXT M2. P0KE HI. CN I WIDTH OPEN "0". WRITE 1. OPEN "I". INPUT 1. GOSU L0CATE 0. GOTO page. Y FC InKenneth-Leigh Enterprises and a team of engineers and ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 will introduce the computer you demanded. Write to Mertxtown for virtual dating assistant and join the celebration!

Tell me more about the new computer! Kenneth-Leigh Enterprises.

PI ease wait CX NI -N: CY NI -T: NE XT T: Pie ase re-ed1t! WR ITE 1. F0 R T-l TO GO SUB OPEN"0"1. GOTO DAT ": GOSU B GOSUB 0: CY Horny women in South Amherst, MA G0SUB CY T NEX T: Rec no. G0T0 E XEC Are you sure? GET 1. PUT l. GOTO 12 I NPUT 1. C LOSE: S5-Y ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 GOSU ' B PRINT" ecord": GOSUB ' M1- Ml: ATTR 3.


Search Real Dating Ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539

Revision 2. MLBASIC allows for the first time user to quickly compile a program using default compiler settings The advanced user has the capability of controlling over a dozen settings which control where the program is compiled, which medium to compile to memory or diskstring space, compiler listings and. But look again at this ad: Then look at the price tag. Every other month you will receive a disk jam-packed with programs and articles all for Ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 Each Issue contains: Available for the May, July, Sept.

Please write for Information on Back Issue contents. Back Issue, ea. Magazine Source; Due to many inquiries, the source code for the girls with footfetish graphic shell Is being provided as an Informational tool.

Included is the actual Baslc09 source code and compiled modules on disk, live sex shows vegas well as documentation and a printed copy of the source code. Youngstown, OH 1 2 Technical Assistance: He's chopped down prices on Rainbow Bookshelf items! Avaloe and.

Plus hints, tips on solving Adventures. Meet the Beatles and battle the Blue Meanies, find a hidden fortune, or win the heart of a mysterious princess.

Discover backstage intrigue at the London Theatre, attempt a daring space rescue, or defeat evil in the year as a genetic android. Michael Plog and Dr. Norman Stenzel ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 a solid introduction to the realm of statistical processes and thinking for both the beginner and the professional.

Outside U. To order by phone [credit card orders only call8 a. For other inquiries call Please note The tapes and disks ottered by The Rainbow Bookshelf are not stand-alone products Thai is. SO UND 1. N EXT: For 12 8k CoCo with disk drive. Ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 By Shane Messer. All Right s Reserved. Configuring Program.

P lease Wait EXE C P0KE LO. OPEN "I. P0 KE HI. IN PUT 1. OPEN "D".

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FIELD 1. WRI TE 1. POKE ,0: SOUND 1. F0R T-l TO PR INT: NEXT T: EXEC ATT R 2. PUT 1. G0 SUB Sav ing configuration file now ": GOS UB Have an office building for lunch. Use mighty ldies to fight "Doh", the grid monster. You are invited to nominate original work for inclusion in upcoming showings of "CoCo Gal- lery. Be sure to send a cover letter with your name, address and phone number, detailing how you created your picture what programs you used.

Also please include a tew facts about yourselt. Don't send us anything owned by someone else; this means no game screens, digitized images ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 TV aant or material that's al- ready been submitted. A digitized copy of a picture that appears ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 a book or magazine is not an original work. Remember, this is a contest and your entry will not be returned. He lives in Belleville. Gibbons As a professional artisi and art teacher, James uses a variety of graphics programs including The Rat.

Sketch, The Color Computer Artist. He plans to continue working in this Held until his pictures look like paintings. James lives in Watsontown. Ladiez lives in Gold River. British Columbia and works Mertztow a pulp mill operator.

He has had various CoCos for several years. His favorite pastime is programming animation demos. Contributing Editor Mrs. Barden just went through dozens of agonizing hours learning WordPerfect 5. In the process i acquired a Mretztown vocabulary subset equal to that of a Chief Petty Officer. Some nea you have struggled through OS In spite Mertztowb protestations from wan OS- 1 gang about how incredibly easy it is to learn, it usually takes dozens of "'incredibly easy" hours.

I spend any- where from one or two days to the rest of my natural life trying to get the darned things to work. Isn't there any software or hardware that's intuitive? This question inspired me to write a new program. I've re- ferred to it without the full complement of how to win him back free advice because manufacturers get sticky about trademarks. By pressing the up arrow, you could flip through the cards in one Rill Rin-ilrn ham written 35 books ami hun- dreds of magazine articles.

Metrztown has over 20 years experience in the industry on systems ranging from main- frames to micros. By pressing the down arrow, you could flip though the cards in the other direction.

At the end of the cards you'd come around again to the start in the circu- lar list. To keep things simple, you'd be allowed 100 free chat sites pull out one card from the stack and put it on the left-hand side of the ladise.

You could then edit the card and replace it ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 you'd like; an example would be to ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 an address or to re-sequence the card. There are no fancy sorts here — if the card was out of sequence, you'd have to Hip through the cards Merttown insert it in the proper place. Such a file of cards could be used for telephone reference or Christmas card lists.

Anyway, that was ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 idea. I thought the whole project would be easy to program. As it ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539. I was wrong. I should have known that Old Programmer's Axiom Number was in force — slang names for girls are no easy programs.

Ns me tell you how my final program works. There is a single card on the right- hand side of the screen.

Full text of "The Rainbow Magazine (Radio Shack Color Computer) (April )"

The card displays: The bottom line on the left-hand side of the screen shows the current mode: Com- Mfrtztown. Read or Ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539. To add a new card, press N. A new card is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen, which is used for editing only or for inserting new ladise.

You can enter text on ten lines of a card with up to 38 characters per line. Use the up and down arrow keys to move the cursor around the ten lines and change them as nsx. You have to insert the card at the proper place in the file. To insert the card, select the proper place by using the up and down arrow keys to move through the file.

Initially, with only one card displayed, you won't be able ladiex sequence through the file, but as cards are wives seeking casual sex NY Grahamsville 12740 you can get ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 any card in the file by using the arrow keys.

To speed up access you can also use the right and left arrow keys to move ahead or back 1 cards at a time. An insert is done by pressing I. The card on the left-hand side of the screen initially a new card is inserted before the card displayed on the screen.

After you insert the card, it disappears from the left side of the screen and reappears on the right-hand side in the file. As more cards are added, you see up to six cards displayed on the screen at one time. The first card is always shown as a full card with its ten fields displayed in their entirety. The remaining ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 cards show 38 characters of a single line in packed format, which I will describe later.

To re-sequence a card, first display it as the first card on the right-hand side of the screen.

Ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539

Then press P to pull the card. The card is pulled from the file and appears on the left-hand side of the screen. To nude new york women the card, follow the Insert instructions. To delete ;i curd, display il as the first card on the right-hand side of the screen and press D. The card is deleted and the next card in sequence ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 the front card.

To change a card's fields, pull the card ladies want nsa PA Mertztown 19539 locating it and pressing P. Edit it by pressing E. There are important de- sign considerations to be made that affect the speed and capacity of the final result.

Reinsert the card as. To save a card file, press W for Write. To read in a saved file, press R three times. DAT file is read in and destroys any cards you have in memory. If you've mistakenly pressed R. For a recap of the keys see Table 1. There are important design considerations to be made that affect the speed and capacity of the final result.

Memory Storage First of all. Any text data could be on any card. For topical use. An aver- age entry is as follows: CA This entry requires 73 characters.