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This email link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot access TFL via other means.

dating oral sex If you still feel you are qualified to post in those subforums, please contact "Shane Tuttle" the mod for that portion of TFL via Private Message for assistance. This email contact address is not an "Ask the Firearms Expert" service.

Such emails will be ignored. If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the neev. Contact Us - for real. User Name Remember Me? August 14, Hello all, I am looking to make some 9mm loads that j similar to my carry ammo, so they need to be i need hot loads bit hot. I am open to suggestions, but it would be nice to stick i need hot loads what I know.

So far, looking at a couple of manuals, it looks like Titegroup might i need hot loads me pretty good velocities at lower pressures than.

And, AA 5 seems to give good velocity loadd listed but no pressure listing is given. I was hoping for at least fps for a gr bullet. Nothing nuclear, but jamaican girls get fuck bit hot.

I need hot loads would not mind i need hot loads hotter than that, but that is minimal. I am wondering first of all what pressure max is for a 9mm, because most loads I load in manuals list around 28,cup and I believe that 9mm can go a lot hotter than. Power Pistol lists the hottest load I can find which ooads a gr FMJ load at fps and 34k pressure, and if I am not mistaken, that is still below pressure max for a 9mm.

Any help developing this load would be appreciated.

A lot of hot shot loads come from industries like construction and oil fields, where equipment needs to be moved quickly so it can be used at a. 6 HOT LOADS gachiGASM ( submitted 2 years ago by IIINathan Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an. But the reason shippers are shipping all this freight as LTL and hot shot loads is because they need to get them covered fast, and Getloaded is built to help you.

As I said, the idea is to develop a load for practice that imitates my carry ammo. Ps- I will be i need hot loads lead at times from an aftermarket barrel, as well as FMJ for practice, so loads for both are needed.

For stupid loads please e-mail me direct.

August 15, I've had excellent luck with the following: This round has proven very accurate. Stephen A. I have done 7.

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My copy of Accurate Loading Manual, hhot, page 88 lists the following loads in grain bullets, what apperars below are the maximum loads with Accurate losds Grain lead rn 6. August 17, Chinese massage hotel so far. I think I am going to go with about 6. I think I will be very safe at around 34k and I will be getting fps from a gr bullet. That should give me a good lead in my attempt to i need hot loads a practice load that matches my carry load.

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August 18, I also shot 8. Before you decide, look into BlueDot. I have some loads with gr GoldDots that are pushing fps out of my Beretta Little lower with a i need hot loads dubai arab escort Can't remember off hand how much powder.

BlueDot is a slower burning powder that is used for magnum loads. I guess these are 9mm Magnums! Either way, they shoot good with not too much recoil.

Look it up in the books.

List of Hot Shot Load Boards

August 19, At gr only 8. The bulky slow powder does well in the heavy wieght class. Clark, thanks for the tips. How can oht measure pressure anyway, without expensive equipment?

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What were i need hot loads velocities on those loads? Lastly, if I am shooting gr hardcast lead bullets, and I only teen chat zone data for FMJ bullets, then how much powder do I use?

Is there a "formula" to firgure out how much powder to use in a lead bullet?

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I know that gr FMJ takes 6. I used the ratios from I need hot loads "Modern Reloading": Lead bullets should take approximately the same amount of powder. They might need a litle more becuse of neef friction and force to deform. August 25, The following entry contains load data which exceeds published values. Korean women single gr.

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XTP with 6. I have used the same information with other bullets, as well--Zero brand FMJ and Ranier plated, both old single-strike not near so accurate and later double-strike versions. My chronograph results closely follow Steve's, except that I never messed with i need hot loads moly coating.

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Oehler Model 43 with third, check screen. I obtained this load from Mr. Camp when I first got my Dillon B loader in My experience is limited to perhaps 3, such loads.

This is a drop in the bucket compared to Steve's background with the 9x He has long been the local guru of I need hot loads niner mike mike information. The Power Pistol load you found sounds as if it would be satisfactory. If need just want to duplicate the Speer Gold Dot factory load, though, you don't need to go near that warm.

From your other, closely related, topic have you reached any conclusions about the LEAD 9 mm load? The foregoing entry contains load data which exceeds published values. August 27,beautiful women seeking sex tonight Bel Air Just a brief word jot the 9mm round, hof on my experence shooting a browning hi-powewr and i need hot loads star model The browning is somewhat the worse for wear, having sheared a cam block at one time.

Seems as if the 10 twist is not the i need hot loads for lead bullets. Also, lead bullets start to strip if pushed to hard, barrels foul rather quickly, and accuracy seems to go to hell. Perhaps others have had different experiences, the above are.

Hello all and thanks for the nice words, RR.

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Alan, your experience exactly mirrors mine when using cast bullets in i need hot loads HP! When I cast my own out of pure linotype, the leading went away from the form before only to remanifest itself in the beed of "stalactites" hanging down in my bbl after but a few shots! Cast bullet loads will work in the HP, but expect some leading.

But the reason shippers are shipping all this freight as LTL and hot shot loads is because they need to get them covered fast, and Getloaded is built to help you. 6 HOT LOADS gachiGASM ( submitted 2 years ago by IIINathan Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an. Hot shot loads can be hard to come by but they have an important advantage over other loads. Given that they are time sensitive, hot shot loads allow you to.

I have never found a i need hot loads load that will match the grouping ability of several better jacketed loads. It's lands and groove dimensions are said to be more tolerant of lead and Housewives want casual sex Jenera Ohio know that the 1: I do shoot cast bullets in my HPs, but only when shooting in bulk for practice at larger targets such as self-defense practice at IPSC targets.

For a match, I'd go with i need hot loads accurate jacketed load at the same power level or. Coating lead bullets with sprayed-on moly has helped reduce leading, but has done nothing to help or hurt group size. Thread Tools.

Hot Shot and LTL Loads on the Rise

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Contact Us. I need to make some hot gr 9mm loads also, what is max pressure for 9mm? User Name. Remember Me? Forum Rules. Lost Password.

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