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Horney wife sex stories

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Anyway, I would like to go this weekend or next weekend so tell me about .

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NO I won't do it, Rachel told her husband Bob. It was Bob fantasy for Storied to be a flirt and try to seduce other men. It would blow more than Bob's mind if Rachel hrney fulfil Bob's fantasy. Both were in bed naked, he was caressing Rachel's breast, horney wife sex stories they had 2 hours hornwy hot sex. Their lovemaking were always fantastic, both lovers normally have multiple orgasm.

Bob wanted more, he wanted to see Rachel be more adventurous, tease other men in public, maybe have unbridled sex with strangers. Bob has been fantasizing horney wife sex stories for years He started rubbing Rachel's clit. Darling, why don't you do this for me! Just one time, if you don't like it, then I will not raise this question. He inserted two fingers into her pussy, which was already wet with his semen from his two ejaculation into her just a few minutes ago.

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His five fingers were now going in and out her pussy OK, but on horney wife sex stories condition that I can stop anytime I feel uncomfortable He replace his fingers with his nine inch erected dick, fucking her till she screamed till the neighbourhood could hear. His come splattered all over her shaved pussy.

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He collected some of his come on his finger and Rachel licked it. Darling, what do you want me to do, Rachel asked Bob. I might as well try to enjoy myself and satisfy your fantasy, provided you are not jealous, if I fucked another man.

Horney wife sex stories don't you look abba massage pearland your potential prey, and we will come up with a plan to tease him and if you like to get him to fuck you.

Rachel is 25, gorgeousblond and legs that goes all horney wife sex stories way. Her breasts are size C. She is absolutely gorgeous and any man would drop their pants, if she said yes.

She has not been unfaithful to Bob, but that doesn't mean she is not sex crazy. She has to have sex every two days or she goes crazy. Bob has nothing to complain.

Rachel couldn't get the promised she made to Bob out of her mind during the horney wife sex stories. Not much work. Suddenly, there was a tap on her shoulder. It was her colleague No actually, can you repeat what you have said?

There is this shoe shop that opened yesterday, they have nice shoes. She knows Hogney has shoe transex hot.

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She loves to buy shoes and Rachel knows that Bob loves to see her in open cut high heel shoes, while he is riding. That really drives him crazy Lunch horney wife sex stories came, she went into this neat shoe shop.

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Looked around Can I help you, miss! I am browsing, thank you, she responded. The sales person was young, pretty rugged and handsome.

Nice body. She pretended to look at the shoes, perving the sales person while he was serving other customers.

She decided not to tell Bob. She just wanted to flirt with the sales person and see whether she likes it.

She doesn't want to disappoint Bob if wief tells him too soon and things didn't turn. Next day, she decided to wear a short skirt. She wore her shelf bra, with her nipples poking out and g string. In the office, she decided to take off horney wife sex stories g string. While no one was looking, she took it off at her desk.

Her pussy was tingling doing that Her shaved pussy was now exposed. She decided to go to the shoe shop.

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Same salesperson came up, his name was Tim. Rachel chose a stiries shoe and quote her size. Horney wife sex stories sat in one of the couches and Tim came in with the shoes. Her legs were gorgeous and her short skirt did not cover kanawha-head-WV sexual encounter ads of it. As she sat down, her skirt were higher up, exposing more of her thigh.

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She was getting excited and could feel her pussy was pretty moist. Tim sat on the floor and Rachel lifted up her left leg and inviting Tim to remove her shoes.

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It was quite seductive gesture. You could sense there is sexual tension in the air.

Tim eyes glued to her legs, fisting on her gorgeous legs While Tim was putting on one of the new shoe on. She parted her legs. Her shaved pussy was exposed, an invitation to Tim's eyes.

He took an eyeful She did that a few times, while horney wife sex stories to look at the shoes she was trying. Rachel started to flirt with Etories Pretending to be talking about the shoes. Tim responded, it fits horney wife sex stories beautiful legs. Rachel didn't want to go further today, then to tease Tim till he has to go to the toilet and jerk off Suddenly, Tim got up and walked towards the shop entrance.

It was not a big shop and locked the door and close the blind, with a notice out for lunch. What are you doing, Rachel asked.

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Tim responded, you want it and you know it! He planted a kiss on Rachel Rachel was surprised but started to respond She responded You are wet, baby She moaned Horney wife sex stories took off his pants. His penis was longer stroies bigger than Bob's. She took hung tranny in her mouth, sucking and moaning like a whore She was in a state of ecstasy. Suddenly, Tim shouted out to two of his colleages who were in the back storeroom Guys come and join me You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission.

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Horney wife sex stories got out of bed and got dressed and went to work. They were late for work. Sories that so, I will probably have a look during lunch time, Rachel responded.

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