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Boy who died from drinking too much water I Ready Sex Dating

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Boy who died from drinking too much water

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It was just a group of kids playing cards, in which the loser of each hand had to drink a glass of water. Tragically, however, that innocent- sounding game came to a deadly end for a year-old girl.

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It happened recently in Finland at a boarding school. According to the UPI, the well-liked girl was playing the game with friends, and she must have lost quite a few hands, as she drank more than six quarts of water in all.

Boy who died from drinking too much water I Wants Vip Sex

Then just hours later she was found ill, vomiting, and taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced brain dead. She died three days later. The cause: Water intoxication. It's absolutely tragic that such a game could kill a young girl.

Those kids probably had no idea it could have such deadly consequences. Before I read this story, if my son asked me if he could play a game with such rules, I'd have told him sure and would have counted my blessings that he was into such innocent fun.

Unfortunately, this game is tinder for swingers but innocent.

This was an extreme case, but it has happened. At first, doctors thought McNamara had suffered a heart attack.

It was not ddinking an autopsy revealed that he had downed so much fluid, so fast, that his brain had swollen, the Mail reported. Ian Reed, who carried out the autopsy.

Water intoxication, also known as hyponatremia, normally did linked to marathon runners' drinking too much water after a race. When this happens, there is so much water in the body that it dilutes vital minerals such as sodium down to dangerous levels.