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Any girls that like Flint guys

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Flint is again called out of retirement when his old boss finds that he seems to have missed 90 seconds while golfing with the president. Flint finds that the president has been replaced by an actor Flint's line [with a wistful look] is "An Actor as President?

In Like Flint - Wikipedia

James Coburn Lee J. Lear Sr. Saul David Martin Fink. Dale Hennesy Jack Martin Smith. Jerry Goldsmith Arthur Morton.

In Like Flint () - In Like Flint () - User Reviews - IMDb

David Dockendorf Samuel F. Steven Casey did warn me not to watch this but I did anyway The original's biggest strength was Coburn's Flint and his all encompassing knowledge.

We get elements of that this time, with his ability to talk to dolphins and appearance in a Russian ballet, but the character is used too sparingly and absent for big chunks of the film.

The novelty value of the character is obviously diminished second time round as. Cobb's Cramden is good value but he takes centre stage too. Eh I'm being a little generous here because the pacing of this one sucks so hard, but there's enough eyebrow any girls that like Flint guys moments scattered throughout that it almost makes up for it.

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The best part of this one is that the plot runs on pure male anxiety—it's about the fear of womens spaces and how when women get together and compare notes they start to hhat increasingly dissatisfied with their male sweet housewives seeking hot sex Bainbridge. In the film they use the excuse of brain washing hair dryers because gosh, what else any girls that like Flint guys it be!?

My man Flint though, while he initially tries to laugh off the idea of women…. Some women plan to take over the world, and Flint is on the case. In case you don't know, James Coburn as Flint knows everything and can do anything, and does it all with the cool of a man who knows he knows everything and knows he can do.

The women have spies in high level places and have even replaced the President of the US.

Unfortunately, the women are double crossed by the men they thought they were using. Now the world must be saved by a few good men and a giant hoard of women in bikinis. Lee J.

Cobb really does a fantastic job. Such a great actor probably took the role so he could run….

Review by Adrian Z. To start with I had no idea I was watching a sequel, which explains why Coburn's character was just dropped into the story rather than intriduced.

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My bad. This aside, this James Bond spoof looks great, but is badly paced. For some strange reason scenes are played out slowly, even scenes india nude imply action.

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It even affects the comedic timing, with some gags being played slowly enough to know where the gag is going, and wondering why its taking a few seconds more than likee should to get. The narrative is often messy and unclear.

Any girls that like Flint guys

Some of the camp is good, some of it just cringe worthy, i. I should probably check out Our Man Flint to see if it's better. I really wanted to like In Like Flint. I like Bond-parody films and I like James Coburn, what could go wrong?

In Like Flint () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Unfortunately In Like Flint bizarrely, and detrimentally to the likee of the film, becomes a Lee J Cobb movie for long stretches. I like Lee J Cobb a pattern of this reviewbut I could not stand his bumbling schtick in this film.

When Coburn eventually turns up the film has a little life, however he seems as distracted as the writer and director by the enormous cast of beautiful women, who, in the poor-politics of the time, are any girls that like Flint guys of a feminist conspiracy to overBLAH BLAH BLAH. L amour massage has a few enjoyable gifls, some cool of the time design, but on the whole it is a huge drag.

Diabolik from now on. Gordon Douglas.

James Coburn, Lee J. This was pretty boring as any girls that like Flint guys as an action film goes, but it was more successful on the comedy. Many scenes were surprisingly ridiculous Flinf laughed out loud the first time Flint yells at the dolphinand it delivers a pretty successful parody of Bond.

I could also see how this was one of the precursors for more edgy action comedies any girls that like Flint guys Pulp Fiction or anything by Guy Ritchie— the prima ballerina dancing to rocknroll and the mid-flight Russian singalong reminded me of those half-farcical, ultra stylized films tbat particular. What a combination for world domination. Watching Lee J. Cobb in this reminded me of the unique pleasure of seeing great actors committing wholly and unselfishly to pure kitsch.

Review by RogerEbert. Review by Kendalll.

Nobody goes to a spy movie expecting Paul Scofield with a skull in his hand, but in these enlightened days since James Bond first reformed dating the terrycloth is it too much to expect adventure? Boffo special effects? Sexy girls?

The sexiest thing in the new Derek Flint misadventure, "In Like Flint," is Flint's cigaret lighter, which is supposed to know 82 tricks but actually delivers only five, of which one is the not any girls that like Flint guys ability to clip Lee J. Cobb's moustache. Second place goes to a preposterous scene in which 51 Amazons run through the surf in their Catalina swimsuits, looking like the foot master massage center scene of "Hawaii" re-shot as a missionary training film.

I found…. In Like Flint.

In Danger In the Virgin Islands Where the Bad Guys Are Girls! Cast James Coburn Lee J. Director Gordon Douglas. Hal Fimberg. Hugh S. William H.

Casual encounters Flint | Locanto™ Dating in Flint

Ray Aghayan. Ben Nye. Country USA. Genres action adventure comedy. The biggest issue is the story. Although it gets kudos for the space element a full….

I can't do. Out Like Bond! The Amazons, it appears, have conceived….