Features & Functions

You're about to download or have downloaded Reginout System Utilities. This software is published by Sorcim Technologies (pvt) Ltd and it is a copyrighted product. Reginout is a 1-stop PC maintenance suite that aims to fix errors in your Windows and make it more optimized for better computing performance. This website, shockwaveflashcrash.com wants you to provide a solution to fix Shockwave Flash crashes in your Microsoft Windows. This help guide is coupled with the system utility software Reginout's download. We believe this software would help you fix registry errors and optimize your PC. Here are its salient features:

  • A Registry Cleaner: This feature scans for registry errors in your Windows. Fixing Windows registry is important to improve system performance and avoid various system/application errors
  • System Cleaner: This feature removes junk from deep inside your operating system and the browser. As shockwave flash plugin works on browsers cleaning the browsers junk files can help boost web browsing.
  • Registry Defrag: This sub-utility reduces the size of registry and allows computer to process commands faster
  • Internet optimizer: It allows you to optimize internet
  • Fast Startup: Why not stop so many applications that start as your Windows starts? Using this feature can help you start your Windows a little more faster
  • Uninstall Utility: Uninstall crappy software from 1-single dashboard and make your well organized in minutes


It is important to know the download functions of any software downloaded in your machine. We are here providing the download functions of Reginout:

  • Reginout is a mature application - it won't cause any mess in your system.
  • It will not serve ads, spam and will never install additional bundled applications and malware along with it
  • It will not take control of your computer
  • It will be easy to remove
  • It does not change settings of your operating system
  • It will never ask for personal information