Your Google Tools: Learn How to Search for Your Files and Folders in Google Drive​

We’re all living in a Google universe. It’s not just the best search engine; it’s a collection of Web sites, services, and apps.

It’s just getting bigger and bigger. That means if you need to survive in today’s world you’ve to become more Google-savvy. You need to learn and live in a Google way. This article presents you some Google Drive (GD) tweaks that help you to search your Files and Folders in it.

Google Drive comes with a powerful search function. Searching files and folders in it allow you to quickly get your results based on the criteria you mention. Two main search ways standout: you can search it either with keywords or with filters (predefined search criteria). You need to use GD’s search bar for both.


Search Your Files/Folders with Keywords

Type one or more words or a keyword you remember. Run it. It returns with your search words matching anything of these:

  1. Your title of the file or folder
  2. The text in your file—it could be from any PDF, Spreadsheet, Google Docs etc
  3. The description of the file

Let’s dig deeper. Type your search keywords. As you type it shows you some quick results. (It happens sometimes that you’ll get your desired results in your quick results.) Search it instead and press Enter. This shows you all files and folders matching your files and folders.


Didn’t Find ’em? Use Search Filters

Another way is to use filters. Filters are of two types: basic or advanced. We’ll discuss them both.

Basic filters include:


Use it to filter your files and folders by type. For example, instruct your search to show only images or PDF files (or any other type including docs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc).


This helps you find files and folders for which you either are the owner or not owned by you. It can be anyone, you, or not you.  Have specific owner in mind. Mention his name.

Item Name

Here you need to mention the name of your files and folders. This option only checks file name, not contents.

Has the words

This will search only the word and phrases you remember. It works the almost the same as searching with keyword does. The only difference is that it returns results with a filter.

Date modified

Remember the date when you modified your file last time? Mention it here. It shows you the results by date.

Located in

Here you can mention the name of the location where your files reside. It could be in Anywhere or somewhere in your Starred or Trash.

Follow up

Have suggestions only? Or anything assigned to you? Mention them here.

Shared with

Did someone share a file or folder with you? Remembered his name? Search his name only and you’ll get your search results.


Advanced filters include:


Here you can mention a whole phrase in quotations. Amazing, isn’t it? You’ll get your exact match. Here’s an example:

Search “error 0x45265233.” You’ll get all documents that contain this error—both in contents or titles.



Use OR to match phrases. Here’s how:

Search Winamp OR VLC and you’ll all files that contain this word.


– (Minus Sign)

You can also use this minus sign (-). (Note: Don’t forget to mention a word after it.) An example is:

Search Best Bluetooth speakers -buy. The results exclude -buy from the results and show only the files/folders that contain Best Bluetooth Speakers in them.



This option allows you to search only files/folder which a specific app can open. For example:

Search app: “Google Docs.” It shows you the results containing Google Docs only.



This isn’t for personal use. Organizations use it to share their documents. An example is:
Search It digs deeper and shows you the files and folders with this source: