Delete iTunes Duplicate Albums and Song Duplicates

iTunes isn’t just perfect. Like all software, errors do occur. Frustration ensues. Avoiding duplicate iTunes albums is simply annoying when you’re building your iTunes library. Because your library will grow, you’ll have to keep your eyes set on duplicate songs.

Did you know that some songs that appear on your artist CDs also appear on albums in iTunes? If you rip all of them, you could have duplicate songs, videos, and audiobooks that eat all your hard disk space.

iTunes includes a function to find and remove duplicate music files, but you have to delete them all. Here’s how:

1. Open your iTunes Library

2. Click Edit, Show Duplicate Songs. (iTunes displays songs it thinks are duplicates).

3. Now select any duplicate song and press Delete.

4. Finished pruning duplicates? Click Show All Songs.

Choosing multiple files to edit at once can cause headaches if you make a mistake. Remember: what you’re going to change applies to all songs you’ve selected.

Not sure how to deal with pesky Duplicate Albums in iTunes?

That’s a technical point: Deleting a song from your iTunes albums removes both the music file and the item’s listings in the iTunes library. You need to prune all duplicates, one-by-one. Follow this admittedly tedious workaround:

1. Compare and contrast all ID3 tags for the songs.

2. There you’ll find two versions of the same song by the same artist appear on different albums.

3. In order to check two identical album listings point to the same file in your music folder.

4. Now open each file’s info window.

5. Note the path in the Where section of the Summary tab.

This whole process would take hundreds of minutes to complete.

Don’t have time? Try Clone Files Checker

CFC works best to avoid duplicating albums in iTunes. Here’s how CFC works. It:

1. Scans your PC.

2. Views report.

3. Deletes only duplicates from iTunes albums.

4. And rescues your gigabytes of space.

All you’ve to do is to download CFC and hit Scan. CFC will do the rest. It allows you to delete multiple items in one clean sweep. But CFC also authorizes you to use it the way you want. It doesn’t delete all songs from your iTunes album by itself. It asks for your permission first. You’ve the option to Review & Fix all your songs.