Router Restarts Randomly

Prevent your Network Router from Overheating

Take proper steps to prevent router from overheating. Using the same power source that we use to turn router on or off, install an external fan. You may need to contact a technician.

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Router Restarts? Download Repair Tool

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Customize Advanced Router Settings

Choose the QOS Engine option from the Advanced menu. Disable Automatic Uplink Speed, Auto Channel and Traffic Shaping features. Manually set appropriate router speed.

Replace Internet Cable

The Internet cable ma have accidentally cut that can be something stickable. Replacing the cable is highly recommended.

Voltage Fluctuation

Due to fluctuations or break outs in constant voltage supply you may experience router issues. A simple interruption in power supply for a millisecond may cause your router to restart automatically.

Upgrade Firmware

Get the latest firmware for your modem from Internet Service Provider’s website. Fill up the form to enter model no and initiate download.

Update Device Software

Open your Router Configuration page, typically 192.168.X.X; and then log-in to your account. After logging-in, click Updates tab to check whether a new update is available for your router.

Customize Router Configs

Log-in to your Router’s Configuration page, and then go to Settings menu > WAN tab. There you have to change the MTU Size appropriately. Replace its existing value with that of “1472” (without quotes). Deactivate the SIP ALG feature.

Upgrade Machine to Make it Compatible with Dual-band Router

Are you using a dual-band router? Basically, router restarting issue is experienced with some people who use a dual-band router that facilitates the use of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks simultaneously. The router uses new technology while you’re running an older machine. This compatibility issue with some systems can be corrected by upgrading your system.